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Who does what on the board? We could use your help.

These are job descriptions and responsibilities for each board position. Many of the positions are open for  the next election. Please consider stepping up.

2023-2024 Board Job Descriptions

Current Board Leadership 2023-2024

President: Barb Wismer (acting president)
VP Finance: Barb Wismer
Co-Recording Secretaries: Molly O’Hara Ewing (1 OPEN)
VP Membership: Pat Obstarczyk
Monthly Program Coordinator: Joanna Pucel
Monthly Program VPs: Laura Hood, Jacqueline Ampe, Linda Nistler-Schnabel, Linda Saupe
Social Chairs: Joyce Hummel, Mary Petersen, Caroline Williams
VP Public Policy: Jan Bensen

Website Coordinator:
Rene Kaluza
     Monthly Newsletter: Jamie Swenson, Kathryn Gainey
     Social Media:
     Meet-a-Member: OPEN
     Directories: Kathryn Gainey, Jan Sorell
     Ads & Fliers: OPEN
SCSU Representative: Chris Lepkowski
CSB Representative: Dr. Whitney Court

Non-Voting Members
Finance Assistant: Mary Wagner
Tech Savvy Program Chair: Jan Bensen
Fundraiser Program Chair: Jamie Swenson
NCCWSL Program Chair:
Whitney Court
Scholarships for Young Leaders Program Chair:
Whitney Court
Flash Funds Program Chair:
Barb Wismer
Savvy Teens Program Chair: OPEN
Start Smart Program:
SCSU, Christine Lepkowski; CSB, Whitney Court
Student Membership Liaisons:

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