More than a decade of collaboration!


AAUW advances gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy. The Saint Cloud Area (MN) Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) was founded in 1922 by a group of women whose names are recognizable even today; Mitchell, Whitney, Atwood, Hill, and Barden. St. Cloud State University and the College of Saint Benedict are valued long time Institutional members. All full-time students are eligible for full membership and free dues until graduation.

Our representatives

  • St. Cloud State University  – Jamie Swenson
  • College of St. Benedict – Dr. Whitney Court

Educational monthly dinner programs feature prestigious speakers and an opportunity to network and socialize with other highly educated women. It’s an excellent opportunity for community outreach that informs attendees on an array of interesting topics.

The Saint Cloud Area (MN) Branch supports women and girls by partnering with St. Cloud State University and the College of Saint Benedict to fund students to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) in the Washington D.C. area. This annual conference prepares students for career success through workshops, networking, and learning from accomplished national-level role models. SCSU and CSB Faculty can recommend students to apply.

Another local program, Tech Savvy, is a day-long event to introduce STEM careers to girls grades five through nine. More than fifty STEM majors from CSB and SCSU volunteer to work with the school girls as campus guides, role models, and workshop facilitators.

As an affiliate of AAUW, The Saint Cloud Area (MN) Branch supports national efforts to close the pay gap by offering online training on salary negotiation (SmartStart and WorkSmart). AAUW also offers grants through a competitive process to elicit advanced graduate and doctoral projects.

Many of our members are graduates of SCSU and CSB — some are current faculty. We invite faculty and administrators to join us. We are one of the most dynamic women’s organizations in Central Minnesota!

For more information email Barb Wismer (bwismer1040@gmail.com).