Paramount HS Art Exhibition

As part of AAUW’s mission to advance gender equity and celebrate the arts, the Saint Cloud Area (MN) Branch participates in and recognizes two 2D and two 3D artists among the Paramount Center for the Arts’ annual Juried High School Art Exhibition.

On April 26, a team of judges from the branch awarded each of these four artists $250 in recognition of their outstanding work as developing artists.

2D Artists

House Museum

Jingzhi Pan

Grade 12, Saint John’s Preparatory School

Medium: Photography


Painted White

Kanee Vue

Grade 11 Becker High School

Medium: Acrylic



3D Artists

Keep Hanging On

Catrielle Barnett

Grade 11 Minnesota Connections Academy

Medium: Acrylic, embroidery thread, ink, paper, wood, lights, record




Alyson Miskowic

Grade 12 Elk River High School

Medium: Raku

Judge Lynn Metcalf:

“I like the way the artist integrated form and content through graceful asymmetrical curves.”


The 2-D and 3-D artworks selected are examples of how these high school students used their art skills to visualize their own unique and personal experience.

Judge Kathryn Gainey: “Use of  the creative process as a vehicle for processing current events was evident” in “Painted White” and “Keep Hanging On” entries.

Our Committee

  • Kathryn Gainey, arts educator
  • Bobbie McMonagle, abstract artist
  • Lynn Metcalf, arts historian
  • Mary Lou Lenz, arts advocate

We are grateful to the St. Cloud area high school art educators for their guidance and expertise and to the Paramount Center for the Arts for continuing to be a strong supporter for the arts through education and community support.

Watch a video of the 2022 awards announcements for the show that featured then-President Linda MacLeod and Judge Kathryn Gainey.