Our Presenters

Meet Our Presenters

Seminar I – Career Assessment

Deyo Ajayi, Apollo High School Educator

  • What if I don’t know what I want to do?
  • Gladeo is an online resource that takes students through a comprehensive process to determine career options.


Seminar II – Employment

Jennie Sutliffe, Employment Recruiter, Good Shepard Community


Seminar III – Employment in Major Sectors


Cathy Mehelich, Economic Development Director, City of St. Cloud

  • Is it difficult to get government jobs?
  • What kind of positions are available; city, county, state, federal?
  • Are there areas with worker shortages?



Joy Plamann, VP Central Operations, President St. Cloud Hospital

  • What kind of jobs require less than a four-year degree?
  • What are some of the jobs in demand in healthcare?
  • What training or education can help advance in a career?


Seminar IV – Financial Management

Julie McDonough, Director of Private Wealth, Bremer Bank

  • How can students minimize debt?
  • What should students understand about financial aid?
  • Do you need a college degree to work in banking?


Kayla Epsen, Vice President, Private Banker, Bremer Bank

  • What’s the best way to manage credit card purchases?
  • Why is financial management important?
  • When should young people start saving?


Seminar V – Successful Women’s Stories

April Mae Good, owner, AMG Promotions & Apparel

  • What challenges did you face in developing a thriving business?
  • What advice can you give to young entrepreneurs?



Jennifer Duffy, EIT, PV Estimating Engineer, Blattner Company

  • Does getting an engineering degree guarantee a job?
  • Do you need an advanced degree, a masters or a doctorate, to succeed in the long term?


Seminar VI – Goal Setting & Personal Development

Dr. Brittany Williams, Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University

Contact: Dr. Brit Williams

  • Why are soft and hard skills-development important?
  • How can you negotiate salary and benefits?
  • How do you project self-confidence when interviewing?


This project was funded in part by the Initiative Foundation, a regional community foundation, and by the Saint Cloud Area (MN) Branch of AAUW.